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  • What do you know about Ransomware?

    Following a recent Global Ransomware attack, are you aware of the warning signs of Ransomware?

    Posted by: Julian Date: 07/07/2017

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Secure Online Data Backup

Secure online backup procedure

Did you know that...

  • Many businesses do not do a complete daily backup.
  • Up to 60% of backups can be incomplete.
  • Restores often fail.
  • Only 25% of tapes are stored off-site.
  • End user compliance with backups is only 8%.

Timewade Secure Online Backup Solution provides industry-leading, secure data backup, recovery, and remote access for servers, desktops and laptops.


Timewade Secure Online Backup Server Edition makes use of the Attix5 Backup Professional software to automatically filter, select, and copy data from your servers to a highly secure, off-site Data Storage platform. Thereafter the stored data is replicated every 15 minutes to a secondary remote data centre.

Attix5 Backup Professional is a small Java client, which is remotely deployed to user devices to automate the secure backup of data according to customisable file filters and scheduler settings.

Data transfer is reduced by as much as 98% by a proprietary incremental patching technique. Secure encryption of all data ensures confidentiality while an intuitive user interface allows users to recover data immediately, and from any point in time.

Timewade Secure Online Backup Solution includes a centralised Monitoring and Deployment Console that allows the network administrator to customise departmental file filtering and backup schedules, as well as manage and track individual account usage. Using Timewade Secure Online Backup Solution helps to maximise employee productivity, improve IT control and enables you to regain ownership of your most valuable asset - your data.


Features & Benefits of Timewade's Secure Online Backup Solution

  • Automatic backups by scheduler
  • Intelligent data filtering & selection ensures completeness of backup sets
  • Runs as a service (no login required)
  • Easy restore in the case of data loss, virus attacks, hardware failure etc
  • Java client allows cross platform functionality
  • Redundant off-site storage means less down time and greater security.
  • Secure encryption of company data
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Reduced file server and network loads
  • SnapShot option to address large data volumes during initial backup and in the case of data recovery
  • Open File Management Plugins available
  • Trickle transfer with up to 98% bandwidth reduction
  • Centralised administration
  • Administrator - level file exclusion with full logging and error reporting
  • Fully scalable, available for servers, desktops and laptops
  • Finally, Timewade Secure Online Backup Storage Platforms are hosted in highly secure disaster recovery buildings, which are owned and managed by IBM Business Continuity & Recovery Services, thus ensuring the highest levels of physical data security.
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