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  • What do you know about Ransomware?

    Following a recent Global Ransomware attack, are you aware of the warning signs of Ransomware?

    Posted by: Julian Date: 07/07/2017

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Egnyte HybridCloud

The Hybrid solution:

Egnyte HybridCloud

Egnyte HybridCloud provides file sharing and storage for business, combining the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Users can easily store, share, access and back up their files, while IT retains central administration and control to enforce business policies. The hybrid solution, with local shared storage, ensures uninterrupted access to files. Egnyte has been successfully deployed at thousands of companies ranging from small business to enterprise.

  • Store files securely in the cloud. Upload files of any type and size using file sync, web browser, mobile app, mapped drive or FTP.
  • Share documents with team members, business partners and clients. Collaborate with file links, email attachments or shared folders.
  • Access files from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device. Files are always accessible, online or offline.
  • Back up data with continuous file sync. Local files are automatically replicated in the cloud, providing redundant copies for data recovery.

How HybridCloud Works

Egnyte HybridCloud is comprised of two components: Egnyte Cloud File Server and Egnyte Local Cloud. Egnyte

Local Cloud replicates data between local storage (e.g. personal computer hard drive, network-attached storage, virtual appliance running on unified storage) and the cloud. Files on the Local Cloud are automatically synchronized with the Cloud File Server, providing users with flexible remote file access or fast local network access.

Simplicity - any file, anywhere, any device

With Egnyte HybridCloud, files of any size and type can be accessed, stored and shared from any location. Egnyte's simplicity approach allows users to access files from web browser, mobile device, desktop sync, mapped drive or FTP.

Egnyte Simplicity

Scalability - from small office to enterprise

Egnyte's hybrid cloud technology scales with growing business needs. Egnyte can be deployed on any desktop or local storage device to provide scalable file sync, fast offline access, and large file transfer. Egnyte also integrates with a wide range of productivity platforms such as Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, and Quickoffice.

Egnyte Scalability


Security - central visibility and control

With a foundation built to address IT needs, Egnyte provides enterprise-class control, security and visibility with centralized administration. Administrators have the ability to enforce user permission and monitor file activity. Egnyte's multi-layer data security and encryption also ensures that business files are completely secure, even under the most stringent guidelines and regulations.

Egnyte Security

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