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Credit Management

Credit Guardian®

Credit GuardianCredit Guardian® is a brand new approach to managing risk in your business. An alternative to individual credit reports that’s not expensive or time consuming. Offering unrivaled access to information about your customers and UK companies that's up to date, accurate, in an easy-to- read format and at your fingertips, when you need it most.

Award-winning Credit Guardian, created by Draycir and powered by Experian, gives small and mid-sized businesses affordable, year round access to business intelligence. Credit Guardian helps you make better and more informed choices about managing risk in your business.

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 Credit Hound

Credit Hound Award-winning Credit Control / Credit Management solution for Sage and Microsoft accounting systems. A good cash flow is essential to running a successful business – no cash, no business. Giving your customers credit may be good for sales but do you have the right procedures to collect the cash? Without managing effectively the raising and payment of invoices there will be a negative impact for your business.

Credit Hound automates and streamlines the processes involved in good credit control enabling you to collect your money quickly and easily. The built-in automated features coupled to pro-active collection improves cash flow, reduces bad debt and provides critical business information.

Benefits of Credit Hound

 Reduce bad debts

  • By monitoring and keeping in contact with your customers, you’ll be aware of potential issues and can hold a tighter rein on the credit you offer.                                                    

 Improve cash flow

  • Cash flow is crucial and when credit control is poor, even profitable businesses go under. Credit Hound improves credit control procedures, helping reduce bad debts more quickly, saving time and improving your business bank balance. With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook,  Credit Hound's built-in calendar reminds you who needs to be called, when and why. 

Save time

  • Credit Hound's unique, automated features allow you to chase 60 or more customers in the time it would take chasing six by traditional manual methods. Simple and convenient with easy-to-use, dashboard reporting tools, it links with accounts software so you don't need to duplicate transaction details and once an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed.

Please visit our Credit Hound microsite here for further details on how Credit Hound can improve your cashflow.


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