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Datalinx Bar coding for Sage Software

Datalinx Bar coding for Sage Software For businesses with a warehousing facility at their core, having an accurate record of stock is essential to ensure the success of the company. For many businesses, this can involve a time consuming process of manually booking information into and out of their system. However, Datalinx Bar Coding software makes this a thing of the past.

Datalinx are experts in barcoding systems that integrate into all levels of Sage business software providing fully functional integrated business process capabilities that complement and extend the depth and breadth of Sage functionality.  Allowing you to increase stock accuracy and deliver real time knowledge of your products status within Sage.


Inventory Manager 50 for Sage 50

Based on the successful Warehouse Manager system and using barcoding technology the Inventory Manager 50 solution integrates directly into Sage 50.

The handheld system is independent and can be used in the warehouse or shop floor to directly manage inventory.  When the handheld is placed in its docking station all transactions are immediately updated into the main Sage business system.  This bi-directional process updates all the relevant Sage 50 stock records and any Sage 50 server changes are downloaded into the handheld, ensuring that both systems are always synchronised.


Inventory Manager 200 for Sage 200

Inventory Manager 200 for Sage 200 delivers barcode enablement of the Sage 200 transaction.  The complete integration of the Datalinx solution to Sage 200 through a wireless RF backbone ensures that the standard functionality of the Sage 200 stock modules are available on mobile handheld devices.  These functions include batch and lot tracking and also Sage Stock Extended Attributes functionality.

If you are looking for the ability to handle barcoding transactions into Sage 200 then Inventory Manager 200 is the product of choice.  Should your business outgrow the functionality of Inventory Manager then upgrading to Warehouse Manager is a simple process.


Warehouse Manager 200 for Sage 200

Based upon the functionality of the highly successful Datalinx Warehouse Manager 500 product, the Warehouse Manager 200 application provides a high level of functionality for companies operating larger or more complex warehouses.  Facilities include Guided Put Away, Product Labelling, Bin Control with Warehouse Zoning, Guided Pick, Wave Picking, Fast Stock Taking including batch and lot handling and integration with Sage 200 Manufacturing.

This solution continues to deliver true warehouse functionality to the Sage 200 user.


Proof of Delivery (PoD) Manager

PoD Manager provides all Sage businesses with the ability to collect “Proof of Delivery” of orders at the customer’s site.  This product is common across our range of Inventory and Warehouse Manager applications, be this at the Sage 50 or Sage 200 level.
In each case the picked order detail is downloaded into the handheld devices carried by the delivery drivers within their vehicles.  At the time of delivery the order details, time and date of delivery together with the client’s signature are recorded.  For those customers that require it, additional functionality including adding items to a delivery and product returns can be configured into the system.


Key Benefits of Datalinx

  • Fast and effective
  • Improves internal processes
  • Increases the speed and accuracy of stock taking
  • Improves productivity Increases accuracy in terms of stock levels
  • Enhances Customer Service
  • Easy to use
  • Specifically designed for Sage 200

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