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“It’s essential for our business’s ongoing success,” says Phil Conn, Compliance Manager at Chartered Financial Management, when talking about the service they receive from Timewade.

“Since partnering with Timewade Chartered Financial Management are able to work without the frustrating delays caused by poor IT systems. The team at Timewade are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are also exceptionally approachable and willing to take the time to explain things to you.”

What we did
Chartered Financial Management provide high quality independent financial advice to clients. Technology is essential to allow them to deliver this.

“They had limited confidence in their IT supplier. They had no future planning, were not proactive and were reliant on old infrastructure,” says Jordan Westcott, Timewade’s Senior Technical Consultant.

“Today with our ongoing support, Chartered Financial Management are proactive rather than reactive, and have a clear strategic direction for technology for the next 12 months.”
From problem to solution to long-term strategic success
Timewade started working with Chartered Financial Management in 2015. At the time, their technology systems were unreliable and causing issues for staff. The initial phase focused on delivering a detailed analysis of IT systems to feed into developing an exciting business case for technology to support growth which we presented to the Board.

Our work improving IT systems included implementing a new fault tolerant infrastructure, redesigning the data storage structure and migrating platforms to use cloud where possible.

We also provided a modern remote access solution enabling the team of advisors to work securely from anywhere.

All of this is backed by a modern disaster recovery solution, providing the ability to restore systems to normal should the worst happen.

By taking responsibility of all day-to-day technology related issues, regardless of type or provider (e.g. internet, email and third party applications), we took away the issues faced by staff.

The combination of an improved and robust infrastructure, and the high levels of Timewade staff availability, means Chartered Financial Management can focus more productively on their work, delivering services with the peace of mind that they have a team of experts they can rely on.
Making Tax Digital
Delighted client
Today, Timewade continues to work alongside Chartered Financial Management to provide proactive advice and guidance on software compliance and data security, as well as helping support the strategic direction, with a clear technology roadmap and strategy for their future in place.

Take your first step
If you are a company delivering a professional service, IT and technology systems you can rely on are paramount.

Timewade’s Jordan Westcott adds: “It’s not uncommon, but Chartered Financial Management were ‘making do’ with poor systems. They approached us when they realised that poor technology was impacting on staff and customers.”

“We are delighted to have seen our work improve the service Chartered Financial Management are able to offer. As well as having the best technology systems in place to meet their needs, they also have a forward thinking strategy to support them in the future, providing a competitive edge in a crowded financial services market.”

Timewade’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement through our Technology for Success approach, makes us the perfect partner of choice for ambitious companies looking for technology support and strategy as one.

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Top three things Phil Conn of Chartered Financial Management appreciated about Timewade’s approach
● A compelling business case for technology uptake ✓
● A team of available experts you can rely on ✓
● Forward thinking IT and technology support day to day and for the future ✓
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