Case study

Person packing supplement products into a box

Timewade’s work with Nutri-Link

Timewade’s work with Nutri-Link 1024 684 Timewade

Nutri–Link is a UK distributor of hundreds of products from the most innovative food supplement manufacturers and formulators. Nutri-Link supplies a comprehensive range of products to health practitioners predominantly across…

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At desk and laptop at Halcos office

Timewade’s work with Halco Products

Timewade’s work with Halco Products 2560 1707 Timewade

Devon-based Halco Products have been a supplier to major UK retailers for almost 20 years. Key to their success is their flexibility, willingness, and ability to find retailer specific solutions.…

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Exeter science Park building

Timewade’s work with Exeter Science Park

Timewade’s work with Exeter Science Park 1000 519 Timewade

An app-driven approach to working is now reality at Exeter Science Park. Tenants use the Exeter Science Park Connect app to unlock doors, book and access meeting rooms, search a…

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