Cyber threats are have increased considerably over recent years and that’s why Cyber Security should be on every businesses agenda.

New ways of comprising IT Networks and data are being developed all of the time and protecting your organisation and data from viruses, malware and hackers is critical.

Timewade offer a range of security solutions and recommend a multi-layered approach to protection and with the new General Data Protection Regulation now in force, it is even more important to have an integrated security solution to ensure your data remains safe.

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A Firewall will prevent unauthorised access and block unknown threats to your systems from the outside world, but will also allow the important communications you want to take place.

Our Firewall solution provides unrivalled security, simplicity and insight. It also provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection that blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to incidents, and exposes hidden risks. In addition innovations that ensure your network is more secure.

We have extensive experience with installing and configuring firewalls within different businesses with varying complexities. To find out more get in touch.

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Anti-virus – Endpoint Protection, Intercept X and Safeguard Encryption

It is important that you protect your server and all devices from threats to your systems and data. We are experienced at utilising a range of protection tools to help protect your organisation from viruses, malware and ransomware. So that your data is safe, no matter where it goes.

Our Endpoint Protection helps secure your workstation by adding prevention, detection and response technology on top of your operating system.

Intercept X gives you next-generation anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, root cause analysis and advanced system cleaning technology, which can be used in conjunction with our Endpoint Protection.

Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry supported scheme which helps organisations guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates your commitment to Cyber Security

Timewade have already achieved Cyber Essentials and are also an accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioner, so we can prepare and guide our clients in readiness for Cyber Essentials.

By becoming Cyber Essentials certified, you will be reassuring your customers that you understand the importance of security and are working to secure your IT against cyberattacks and you have a clear picture of your organisations cyber security level.

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For more information, please refer to NCSC summary

Make Cyber Security your Priority

Please get in touch to discuss our range of quality protection tools and advanced threat solutions for your business. Don’t let Cyber Security take the back seat!

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