We measure and maintain best practice with our Timewade 6 checklist covering every area of your technology:

1. Core Infrastructure – network, connectivity, wireless
2. Server Infrastructure – server and environment, cloud and onsite
3. Cyber Security – data, networks, protection and prevention
4. Endpoints & Assets – computers, laptops, phones, tablets, printers
5. Business Continuity – backup and disaster recovery, business processes, company policies
6. Business Applications – software, cloud & hosted

Our Timewade alignment process continually checks the configurations, processes and procedures that are in place in six core areas and evaluates them against industry standards and Timewade’s best practice.
You will get to know every member of the Timewade team well, especially your Technology Success Analyst who comes to site and holds responsibility for ensuring that the process is working well.

The role of the Technology Success Analyst is to:

• Have a close working technical relationship with clients
• Take ownership of technical configurations and documentation
• Learn how you use technology and suggest improvements based on years of experience
• Reduce risk and re-active issues by completing onsite alignment checks
• Visit you regularly onsite and be hand for quick fixes too
• Report back technical issues or concerns to your Business Technology Consultant to have the business discussion.
• Transfer knowledge and communicate from onsite visits back to the Timewade service desk team

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